• With: Eddie Bernice Johnson

    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": All right, to Washington, where we have the president's budget, as you heard, House Republican Paul Ryan's budget, as you know.

    Now, what's progressive Democrats -- or what are progressive Democrats calling for in their People's Budget? Their budget calls for $1 trillion to $5 trillion in job creation investments.

    Democratic Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson joins me right now.

    I should clarify--$1.5 trillion.

    But the numbers get so big, Congresswoman. I apologize.

    So, you think that the president is focusing too much on the spending cut part. You want to see what?

    REP. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON, D-TEXAS: Well, no matter whose budget it is, I want to see some vision and planning for the future of this nation.

    All of us know that just cutting, and doing nothing else, is doing nothing more than running jobs out of the country and getting rid of jobs that are here. We cannot solve the problem by just cutting. We all know that we need to do some cutting, but we've got to have revenue generation. We've got to have money for education. We've got to innovate. We've got to create jobs. We've got to...


    CAVUTO: But, Congresswoman, we're broke. We're broke. There are a lot of things I would love to do, but we don't have the money, right? We're just broke.

    JOHNSON: We cannot -- we -- listen, we cannot allow this nation to throw away its future. We've already lost the edge. We've got to stay in the game.

    CAVUTO: Well, we've already lost the edge, Congresswoman, because we're so damn broke. We're running in the red for so long now, we can't see our heads.

    JOHNSON: And let me assure you...

    CAVUTO: So, maybe -- maybe the reason why we are in the pickle we are in is because we've been so deep in this, that we do not know the way out. Maybe it's time to dig out.

    JOHNSON: Well, you know what? It is time to dig out. But we cannot dig out by cutting all the livelihood away from our future. We cannot do it at the expense of our seniors. We cannot do it at the expense of our future with our young people in education. We cannot do it...


    JOHNSON: ... innovation out of this country.

    CAVUTO: But don't we owe those young people, ma'am -- but don't we owe those young people a debt-free life? If I die and leave to my kids...

    JOHNSON: Let me...


    CAVUTO: But if I die and leave my kids just a lot bills and debt, for one thing, they're going to be upset. And, for another, I have screwed their future.

    Before we start giving...

    JOHNSON: You're screwing the future now.

    CAVUTO: ... them all these benefits, maybe the best present we can give them is no debt.

    JOHNSON: The best present we can give them is a good education with a good direction in innovation, so that we can get this country moving. I am not willing to give all of what we've invested to another nation. And that is exactly what we're doing.

    CAVUTO: But we already have.

    (CROSSTALK) CAVUTO: The more we dig in debt, ma'am, the more we dig in debt; we are in hock to nations.


    JOHNSON: Listen...


    CAVUTO: We have China and we have a host of other countries calling our number, because they know they have our number.

    JOHNSON: You know what?

    CAVUTO: And unless we get that under control, we can't invest in squat. Beggars can't be choosers. I hate to break it to you, but all I do is follow numbers. I am Fox's nerd, Congresswoman. And we are broke, broke, broke, broke, broke, broke, broke. Poor. Done.


    JOHNSON: Without vision, without planning, without innovation, we are out of the game.

    CAVUTO: I know, but you can't have vision and innovation when you don't have money to pay for it. I'm just saying, we get out of that, then I can -- I could see your vision...

    JOHNSON: How do you get out without investment? You can't get out without investment.

    CAVUTO: But you can't -- you can't pay for innovation, ma'am...

    (CROSSTALK) JOHNSON: Yes, we can get out of it.