• With: Ann Romney

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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Maybe, maybe, maybe. If things had gone differently for Mitt Romney back then, would things be different for America, maybe the world right now? The threat of ISIS is growing.

    And if what Ann Romney just told me is right, her husband would have hit the ground running.


    CAVUTO: When you see what`s happening in the globe and then you`re talking about the beheading of these Americans and others and ISIS, the Democrats are quick to point out, well, you know, ISIS would have been a problem whether Mitt Romney got elected or it was the president. It doesn`t matter. ISIS is out there. ISIS is real. A President Romney would have had to face the same reality.

    What do you say?

    ANN ROMNEY, WIFE OF MITT ROMNEY: Well, that is all true.

    However, I think he would have had a status of forces agreement on -- in Iraq. I don`t believe ISIS would have had the invasion that they have -- they`ve had. They wouldn`t have had the ability to -- I think he would have tried to arm the moderates in Syria. I think there`s other things that would have happened that would have made the equation a little bit tilted in our favor.

    Those people are not going to go away. This is a generational problem. And the sooner we realize, I think, as Americans, that it`s not an easy solution and it`s not going to go away, but to be really aware of how dangerous the situation is -- I think Mitt was very aware how -- how precarious it was.

    CAVUTO: Does he ever say would have, should have, could have?

    ROMNEY: No, he doesn`t.

    CAVUTO: Really?

    ROMNEY: No.

    CAVUTO: So when he`s looking at 2016 -- he says he`s not interested. I`m thinking of Anthony Scaramucci, of course who is now a contributor on Fox Business, which, Ann Romney, if you don`t get, you should demand.


    CAVUTO: But, anyway, he was saying, as a former Romney finance co-chair, I think he`s going to do it, talking about your husband.

    ROMNEY: Ah.

    CAVUTO: He`d be the number one draft pick -- pick. He would certainly be mine.

    ROMNEY: We like Anthony. We like Anthony`s enthusiasm.

    We -- we are so grateful for so many of our supporters that continue to, you know, cheer us on and -- and give us -- make us feel good that, you know, they -- they supported the right guy.

    But Mitt and I, at this point, are not making plans.

    CAVUTO: When you say not making plans, things have a way of making the plans for you.

    One scenario out there, Mrs. Romney, is that Jeb Bush doesn`t run after all, and your husband has sized up the landscape and that a lot of his supporters, past and present, said, you have the name recognition, you have the Reagan example of the third time was the charm for him, and that it`s been done before.

    ROMNEY: Mm-hmm.

    CAVUTO: And -- and that would be appealing.

    ROMNEY: Well, we will see, won`t we, Neil?

    I think Jeb probably will end up running, myself. I think, you know, he -- people probably are looking at it, that he`s probably looking at it very carefully right now.

    CAVUTO: But why would his entrance in the race matter to -- to your supporters or not?

    ROMNEY: Well, I think, you know, he would draw on a very similar base that we would draw on.

    And I think -- I`m sure he`s considering it very seriously right now.

    CAVUTO: Do you have, if your husband chooses not to run, just like you said he doesn`t want to run, do you have any candidates who intrigue you, impress you?

    ROMNEY: You know what? I wish I could see some women out there. I love Nikki Haley.

    CAVUTO: Yeah.

    ROMNEY: You know, there are some others out there, Susana Martinez, that I think are intriguing.

    CAVUTO: They`re all men right now.


    ROMNEY: I know. I know. It`s a -- I`d love to see more women participate.

    CAVUTO: What...