Krauthammer: Trump candidacy has “become normalized”

Charles Krauthammer told viewers Friday on “Special Report” that Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has “become normalized” among the mainstream GOP.

“You get one or two start to endorse Trump essentially as a signal that it’s ok,” Krauthammer said.

A new Fox Poll out Friday revealed two tiers on the Republican side of the race for the White House. Donald Trump leads the pack with 34 percent with Ted Cruz behind him at 20 percent, Marco Rubio at 11 percent, and Ben Carson at 8 percent. Other GOP candidates are at 4 percent or less.

However, the poll also asked GOP primary voters if there is any candidate they couldn’t support against the democrat nominee in November. Trump topped that list as well with 15 percent saying they would refuse to vote for him.

“The number of people who are against him, Republicans, six, eight months ago was about sixty percent, 59 percent. If you’re down to 15 percent there’s an acceptance,” Krauthammer added.

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Krauthammer on Donald Trump: ‘He’s immune to the laws of contradiction’

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Wednesday on “Special Report” that Republican president frontrunner Donald Trump constantly contradicts himself -- with no fear of any potential consequences.

“I think the last six months have shown that nothing Trump has ever said in the past, even in the present, can ever be used against him, because for some reason, he’s immune to the laws of contradiction,” he said.

Krauthammer went on to cite Trump’s comments about Ted Cruz’s citizenship during a recent Republican debate.

“He brought up, of course, the Canadian citizenship, he said, ‘I’m protecting you against what the Democrats are doing… I promise I will never sue over this,” Krauthammer said, adding, “Then at a rally three days later, he said, ‘I might just sue.’”

While Krauthammer said this was a “trivial” example, he seemed assured the bevy of contradictions would continue.

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Krauthammer on Hillary Clinton: She should be a little more careful when discussing videos

Nationally syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer told viewers on Monday's "Special Report with Bret Baier" that Hillary Clinton should be a little more careful when discussing videos she alleges are radicalizing jihadists. 

Donald Trump demanded an apology from rival Hillary Clinton after the 2016 hopeful used Saturday's democratic debate to go after Trump, saying he was becoming “ISIS’s best recruiter,” and that members of the terror group "are going to people, showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists."

Alluding to the Obama administration's bungled attempts to blame an attack on the US consulate in Benghazi because of a video, Krauthammer said the former Secretary of State "ought to be a little bit careful about talking about incendiary American videos that are radicalizing jihadists into attacking Americans."  The columnist pointed out that Clinton's video strategy is not working and "she ought to quit at two."


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Krauthammer on Ted Cruz’ Immigration Stance: “it depends on how you define amnesty”

Charles Krauthammer said Thursday on “Special Report with Bret Baier”  that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz’ previous statements show that the senator supported a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants in congress’ failed 2013 immigration reform bill saying “if you define amnesty as he does, as citizenship, yes he fought that. If you define it as allowing people who came here illegally not to suffer the consequences of illegal entry, which by law should be deportation, he did not oppose that. It is very clear that he supported it and as you showed last night and has been shown in many, many pieces of evidence.”

In an interview on “Special Report” on Wednesday, Cruz told Bret Baier that his proposed amendment to the bill that would have allowed undocumented immigrants to obtain work permits but would not allow citizenship, was not a sign of support for the overall measure, but a “poison pill” designed to derail the overall effort, saying “It doesn't mean that I supported the other aspects of the bill, which was a terrible bill. And Bret, you've been around Washington long enough, you know how to defeat bad legislation, which is what that amendment did" 

But in June of 2013, Cruz took to the Senate floor to tout his amendment saying  “If the proponents of this bill actually demonstrate a commitment not to politics… to finding a middle ground, that would fix the problem and also allow for those 11 million people who are here illegally a legal status with citizenship off the table. I believe that is the compromise that can pass.”

But Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor said he doesn’t understand Senator Cruz’ strategy with regard to clarifying his stance:  “at the time said he was in favor in a compromise that would take the 11 million out of the shadows and give them legal status. I'm not  sure I understand why he's doubling down on denying what you can demonstrate with pieces of tape. Perhaps he sees that it's worked for other candidates. He could easily have said, "circumstances have changed, we now have terrorism, infiltration, all that, and I've shifted over" which I think is really a minor difference, but he's decided he's going to go whole hog on the other side.

Baier Family Delivers Toys to Children's National

A few years ago the Special Report team collected toys to donate to Children's National for Christmas on our behalf. The following year they opened the toy drive to the entire Washington bureau and we were overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone at Fox News. Here are just a few photos of my family loading the car and donating the presents to children on the heart and kidney and PICU floors of the hospital-- two floors we know very well. Amy and I left feeling very proud of our boys who loved handing out toys and gifts to the patients there. We are so blessed and it is important for us to teach them the importance of giving back. 



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