Special Report Grapevine: $2.2 billion loss a success?

Only in Washington: Only in Washington could you call a $2.2 billion loss a success. Anew audit from the Government Accountability Office says that's how much the feds stand to lose from energy loan guarantee programs. That includes the infamous Solyndra failure and dozens of other green technology programssupplied with about $30 billion in taxpayer fundingand defaulting on about a billion so far. However, the energy department considers the loan program a success since earlier estimates put the losses at $4billion. The  department believes it is quote --
"achieving its statutory mission to accelerate the deployment of innovative clean energy projects and advanced vehicle manufacturing facilities in the U-S, while being a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars."
#SAVE THE GUAC: In Florida the rush is on to save your guacamole. Heat sensing drones and dogs are being used to defeat a deadly fungus spread by a tiny beetle. It is being called the greatest threat to the Florida avocado ever. Avocado lovers have adopted the hashtag  "save the guac " in support. Researchers and farmers are fighting to halt the fungus -- before it advances to California -- which produces nearly 90 percent of the nation's avocado supply.
Fed Up: Finally, one professor has had enough. Irwin Horwitz of Texas A &M University has flunked his entire business management class and quit mid-semester. He said in a blast email to his students he was disgusted and could not take any more disrespect or threats. "You all lack the honor and maturity to live up to the standards that Texas A&M holds, and the competence and/or desire to do the quality work necessary to pass the course just on a grade level." The university says it will review the professors complaints, but that the failing grades will be re-assessed.

The Tangled Clinton Web

A new book by author Peter Schweizer documents tens of millions of dollars donated to the Clinton Foundation and millions in speaking fees to former President Bill Clinton from foreign governments and businesses that had business or policy issues that would end up in front of then Secretary of State Clinton.

Specific donations from a uranium company --Uranium One ---and its officers to the Clinton Foundation were never disclosed. According to Reuters the Clinton Foundation is refiling at least five annual tax returns after errors were found in "how they reported donations from governments."

In the end a Russian company essentially controlled by Vladamir Putin is in charge of controlling a substantial portion of American Uranium. Russia sends uranium to its client state Iran--so American uranium could potentially be sent to the very nation we're negotiating with to try to slow its ability to develop a nuclear weapon. 

We have asked the Clinton campaign and Clinton surrogates for response to this and many other stories laid out in our hour special, but they have not responded. They put out a statement today after the New York Times piece regarding Kazakhstan:

"In a statement, Brian Fallon, a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton's presidential campaign, said no one "has ever produced a shred of evidence supporting the theory that Hillary Clinton ever took action as secretary of state to support the interests of donors to the Clinton Foundation." He emphasized that multiple United States agencies, as well as the Canadian government, had signed off on the deal and that, in general, such matters were handled at a level below the secretary. "To suggest the State Department, under then-Secretary Clinton, exerted undue influence in the U.S. government's review of the sale of Uranium One is utterly baseless," he added."

n             New York Times.  April 23, 2015

New questions also arise over the Clinton email server that has reportedely been wiped clean--how many of those emails had to do with the Clinton Foundation, speeches or any of this?

Join us tomorrow at 10pmET for a special one hour documentary "The Tangled Clinton Web" on Fox News Channel and watch the above for the story on Uranium One and Kazakhstan.

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The Periscope App: What is it?

Bret sat down with Adam Sharp, Head of Politics and Government at Twitter to talk about the new live-streaming app everyone is talking about. Periscope is a way for ordinary people all over the globe to share video in real time. It is changing the way we see the world and could have a real impact on campaigns and elections as we head into 2016. Many of the potential 2016 candidates have already started using Periscope. Hear what Adam has to say about this new app and find out how you can use it in all its forms--

2016 Contenders: Senator Jim Webb

2016 Contenders: Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz became the first candidate to announce his campaign for president for 2016 and you had a chance to hear some of Cruz's thoughts during our '2016 Contenders Series' on Special Report. Here are a few of the questions and answers we didn't have room for in the show--including his view on those who question is eligibility to run for president, more on immigration, on Hillary Clinton and more.

Tax payer funded charters spell more trouble for Hillary

In the four years leading up to her 2008 presidential campaign Hillary Clinton spent more than $300,00 on private charters at tax payers expense-- a practice that while legal raises questions about whether or not she pushed the boundaries of the law.

The use of charter travel is common on both sides of the aisle and lawmakers frequently ramp up the travel as they approach re-election. Paul Singer at USA Today found 28 of Clinton's office flights traveled outside of New York and in 2006 she spent more on charters than any other senator. A Clinton spokesman says  "she constantly crisscrossed the state to meet with the people she represented" and her travel was part of "her tireless work on behalf of New York."

This latest revelation is not illegal, but couldn't come at a worse time as the Clinton camp works to write a positive narrative ahead of kicking off her campaign. She is stuck with yet another round of negative press that could give many Democrats second thoughts about making Hillary their next nominee.

2016 Contenders: Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul sat down with us as part of our 2016 Presidential Contenders series for Special Report. Here are a few of the questions and answers you didn't get to see on the show--including when he will make the decision to run, his thoughts on term limits, his views on national defense, and a GOP run against what could likely be a Hillary Clinton nomination.




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