Hobby Lobby vs. Health Care Law


Check out the AP article below-- what do you think about Hobby Lobby fighting the health care law for religious reasons? Justified or should they have to follow the law like everyone else? 

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Hobby Lobby says it can delay health law rule

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   OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- An attorney for Oklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby says the company has found a way to delay providing insurance coverage for birth-control pills that's required under the federal health care law.

   Peter Dobelbower said in a statement Thursday that the company will shift the plan year for employee health insurance that will delay by several months the Jan. 1 effective date of the requirement.

   Hobby Lobby did not return phone calls seeking further comment.

   Hobby Lobby sued to overturn the mandate on grounds that it violates the religious beliefs of founder and CEO David Green and his family. The Greens say requiring insurance for what is known as "morning-after" and "week-after" pills forces them to either violate their religious beliefs or face hefty fines.

   U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor denied the companies' request for an injunction while the lawsuit is pending.

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