Krauthammer: US should amp up support of Kurds in Iraq and Syria

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer told viewers on "Special Report" that the US should amp up its support of the Kurds in Iraq and Syria as the strategy against Islamic militants founder. 
Fox obtained documents that show aides to the DIA Director Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart struck the word "quagmire" from his draft testimony about Iraq.
Krauthammer faults the Obama administration for not vigorously supporting the groups that have made headways in countering ISIS  noting the recent victory in which the Kurds captured Tal Abyad, Syria from the militants,  "Our strategy ought to be to arm, supply and support with heavy air support the Iraqi Kurds, the Syrian Kurds and there's also the front of the Free Syrian Army in southern Syria which is advancing as well."
The White House has been relying on the Iraqi government to unify sectarian factions in forming a fighting army, however, progress has been non-existent. 
"These are people we should be supporting but not the Iraqi government and its forces in the field who don't fight and who are not our friend," said Krauthammer. 

Krauthammer: A lot of TSA problems can be easily eliminated by “reverse profiling.”

Charles Krauthammer told viewers on Tuesday on Special Report that a lot of TSA problems can be easily eliminated by “reverse profiling.” Krauthammer, was reacting to  Homeland Security Inspector General report, which found that the Transportation Security Administration failed to identify 73 aviation employees with links to terrorism.

Krauthammer argued that part of the problem is TSA employees wasting their time on “people who obviously are not a threat” because “we don’t want to profile.” He suggested reverse profiling-“Not to profile who is likely, but profile people who you know are not.”

Charles Krauthammer recommended starting with “nuns in habits over 70 years old,” and “families with small children.” He added that such action plan would “eliminate the charade.”


Krauthammer says President Obama's ISIS strategy is to blame others for not having one

By Fox News Producer Anne Marie Riha

At a news conference closing out the G7 summit in Germany, President Obama said the United States does not yet have a "complete strategy" to train and equip Iraqi security forces in the fight against Islamic State militants or ISIS in Iraq.  The president has danced around the issue of a executing a strategy against the terror group for over nine months and some critics are saying enough is enough. 

Syndicated Columnist Charles Krauthammer told viewers on Monday's Special Report with Bret Baier that President Obama's lack of strategy for defeating the Islamic State is really to blame everyone else.  President Obama said in the news conference that the Baghdad government needs to show better commitment to building a fighting force.  The Iraqi prime minister has pleaded with the U.S. and coalition forces for more military and intelligence backing. 

President Obama even said he was still waiting on "finalized" plans from the Pentagon.  Yet, DOD officials dispute that claim.   

Krauthammer said putting the blame on the Iraqi's or his military chiefs was just the president's way of simply not having a strategy to combat this terrorist group.  The Sunnis, Krauthammer noted were abandoned by the United States and persecuted by their countrymen.  "They were pursued by the central government in Iraq and Obama did not lift a finger, Krauthammer explained.  He went on to ask "why should they trust America again?"

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