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Bob Woodward joins us for an extended interview on the lessons of Watergate, the legacy of Ben Bradlee, the fiasco of Janet Cooke, and the need to investigate the Obama administration today. We'll also tackle the midterm elections -- are they mainly about Obama, and Ebola? -- with Jonah Goldberg, Joe Trippi and Christina Bellantoni. We'll also examine whether the latest leaks on the Michael Brown killing are changing the media's Ferguson narrative. And Sarah Lacy offers her take on Monica Lewinsky trying to rebrand herself as a crusader against online harassment.

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Your panel discussion on Ebola made me want to throw up! You people are as arrogant and superior feeling as the president! So now you people will decide what the public should hear and not hear about the news of the day because we mere intellectually inferiors can't handle the truth! Your job is to report the news and the facts... that's it! If you did your jobs well and truthfully then maybe this country would not be going to hell in a hand basket.

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