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David Webb will report on covering the Ferguson riots from the streets, while David Zurawik and Mara Liasson will analyze the coverage and the media's mistakes. Bill Hemmer will talk about deciding which Ferguson stories to air and whether viewers are tired of politics. Joe Concha weighs in on Bill Cosby's media enablers, some of whom are now apologizing for ignoring the allegations against him. And we'll talk about sexism in media and politics with "Outnumbered" panelists Andrea Tantaros, Jedediah Bila, Harris Faulkner and Ainsley Earhardt.

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Mr. Kurtz, I appreciate your show, and think you bring a great perspective to journalism -- with ONE exception: you take yourselves WAY too seriously. The Lacy/Uber story is a case in point. There is NO First Amendment issue here, you realize that, don't you? Because the First Amendment speaks of what the GOVERNMENT is prevented from doing, NOT private citizens...

John in Texas

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