January 20, 2017
Kurtz: I stand accused of snarkiness

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SEAN SPICER called CNN's Jim Acosta a "liar" for his account of their conversation after the reporter interrupted Donald Trump; said John Lewis is an "icon" but Trump has a right to respond to his criticism, and confirmed the White House may move the press corps out of the briefing room for space reasons. KELLY RIDDELL agreed with Trump that Buzzfeed is a "pile of garbage" for publishing an unsubstantiated dossier on Trump. JUAN WILLIAMS said he disagreed with John Lewis for calling Trump an illegitimate president. ERIN McPIKE said the press has become desensitized to such liberal criticism of the president-elect. TRISH REGAN said most journalists don't know anything about economics and ripped the coverage of Trump not . JOE CONCHA asked why Jim Acosta felt he was more entitled to ask Trump a question than the other 250 journalists at the presser. And MARTHA MacCALLUM said Trump's first 100 days will involve huge battles that she will cover on her new show.

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You seem to say that our people will be missing essential information if the news briefings are altered... personally, I think it has been rather unsuccessful in the past eight years in spectacular ways. I would not find it a stretch to believe that the reporters were handpicked and that even the questions were often reviewed before the conference. Pablum soft and misdirection. Which is one reason Trump resonates. He answers the question.

Iralyn Snyder

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