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TUCKER CARLSON said the pundits may be making too much of Marco Rubio being successfully taunted by Chris Christie in the ABC debate. A.B. STODDARD disagreed, saying such a moment could stop his momentum. BRIT HUME said the Trump phenomenon surprised him and that shoe-leather reporting has been diminished in this campaign. MOLLY BALL said the press is right to keep pushing Hillary Clinton on the email scandal because Democrats care about the issue. Union Leader Publisher JOE McQUAID says he has no problem ripping Trump after The Donald called him a "lowlife" and a "psycho." KATHY KIELY said she quit Bloomberg News after being barred from reporting on Michael Bloomberg because "I felt compromised as an editor."

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Ted Cruz is exactly right. 95% of the mainstream media -- as we affectionately refer to as media scum -- are lefties. Not many of us -- with the exception of the media (incl. FOX) -- misinterpreted his comments about New Yorkers. No enigma machine needed. He was referring to the NY-based far left media and the Dem. political trash (DeBlasio, Schumer, Cuomo, Gillibrand, Weiner, Nadler, etc.)

John D.

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