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On the plane shootdown in Ukraine, Lauren Ashburn said the 24/7 coverage was crowding out other stories, Jim Pinkerton said pundits like Geraldo Rivera were right to immediately blame Putin, and Juan Williams said the media were unfairly blaming President Obama for taking time to relax during crises. The panel disagreed on a New Jersey station forcing out a reporter who spoke out about black crime, and Lauren said it was a selfish stunt for Jose Antonio Vargas to go to the border despite his illegal immigrant status. John McCain accused some commentators of being apologists for the Obama foreign policy, said he used to get angrier over negative stories and that the media started portraying him as a "grumpy old man" only after Obama succeeded George W. Bush. And Charlie Gasparino said CBS's Les Moonves would love to buy CNN if Rupert Murdoch is successful in buying Time Warner and spins off the news channel.

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Because you and Lauren went "ALL Out" to support Glenn Beck with scores of "10" and "9", let’s hope you do the same when he does/say some dumba** deed/remark. I promise we will venture here again.

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