December 13, 2017
Kurtz: Aftershocks from the Alabama earthquake

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COREY LEWANDOWSKI said he thought the Trump campaign was toast after the attack on John McCain, and DAVE BOSSIE said the press "hates" Donald Trump but admits he wishes the president would engage in fewer Twitter fights. MOLLIE HEMINGWAY accused the media of "mob hysteria" in the latest series of sexual harassment allegations, including those that prompted Al Franken to resign. JESSICA TARLOV said even when she brings up accusations against Roy Moore she gets maligned as if she were saying they were true. MARA LIASSON said unlike in the corporate world no one but the voters can fire lawmakers accused of harassment. And BRENT LANG said Harvey Weinstein "weaponized" the press to protect himself and that the press has gone a bit easy on Dustin Hoffman in light of the latest misconduct allegations.

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