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Kirsten Powers may be a liberal, but she said "there is a real bias against Republicans" in the media. Mary Katharine Ham said there was more enthusiasm for Jeb Bush among reporters than in the CPAC audience. Ron Fournier defended "gotcha" questions and dismissed Donald Trump as a "carnival barker." Marisa Guthrie said ESPN hired the suspended Keith Olbermann "as a polemicist," that it was "crazy" for MSNBC to give Ronan Farrow a show, and that Bill O'Reilly is "doing what he does best" in fighting back against critics of his past reporting. David Axelrod said he wouldn't single out Fox for criticism the way the president does, but that some elements of Fox represent the right and some at MSNBC (where he works) represent the left. And Kennedy called herself a "cranky old lady" in describing how she's changed since her MTV days.

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Why is Donald Trump taken seriously when he talks about running for President? Let me count the reasons: Anyone who has his kind of money and is prepared to spend some of it (think Ross Perot) should be taken seriously, if only because even without winning the nomination he can influence the result.... We (meaning conservatives) do NOT take him seriously as a prospective presidential candidate, but we enjoy him.

Lynda in Virginia

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