August 28, 2016
Press probes Clinton charity

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MIKE HUCKABEE said if anyone doesn't buy that the media are "totally in the tank" for Hillary Clinton, they "believe in the tooth fairy." KELLY RIDDELL said the press should be doing more reporting on the Clinton Foundation, but JOE TRIPPI called much of the coverage "very simplistic." SUSAN FERRECHIO noted that it took the AP six years to obtain the necessary records. MOLLIE HEMINGWAY said the media's coverage of Donald Trump is "highly emotional," while SIMON ROSENBERG said it's fair to scrutinize even a past domestic violence allegation against campaign chief Steve Bannon. And EBONI WILLIAMS said of the candidates' incendiary rhetoric that racism is a serious charge that is overused without real evidence.

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oward, WHY do you and most Fox News reporters lump people of color behaving badly in with the entire group of people of color, but do NOT (and rightly so) lump policemen behaving badly with the entire group of policemen? You should NOT label an entire group because of the actions of a few. Also, WHY do you continuously make references to "policemen were protecting the protesters," when it is the police job to protect law-abiding taxpayers and citizens?

Robert D. in Florida

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