October 26, 2016
Is attacking the media a winning strategy for Trump?

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CHRIS WALLACE said he held mock debates in Las Vegas and that his toughest moment was asking about sexual misconduct allegations in front of Melania Trump and Bill and Chelsea Clinton. ERIN McPIKE said that Trump made news by not committing to accepting the election results, which makes it absolutely fair for the media to widely cover it. JOE TRIPPI said it was Trump saying he’d “leave us in suspense” that made that statement so alarming to the media. KELLY RIDDELL said this election has become one of “personalities over platforms” on both sides. In response to the Wikileaks Podesta emails showing coziness between members of the media and the Clinton campaign, ED HENRY said journalists are there to ask tough questions, period. And JOE CONCHA said that Hillary Clinton was just as personal and nasty in her jokes at the Al Smith Dinner, but Trump was in a room full of New York elites… a group with which he is polling considerably low.

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I am seriously is concerned how the media has evolved into being in the tank for especially the Dems, specifically for Hillary. Even as a Dem, I stopped watching NBC, MSNBC and CNN as they report only the news to make the Dems/Hillary look good, while they report on everything that makes the Republicans/Trump look bad... there are stories about Hillary, compliments of her drive to be the prez, no matter what the cost, that the media should report as well.

Nancy Carman-Bergthold in Victorville, CA

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