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How much of a blunder was President Obama’s “no strategy” press conference? Are some pundits trying to push us into war in Syria? Jim Pinkerton, Mara Liasson and Lauren Ashburn examine these thorny questions and look at Al Sharpton’s latest antics in Ferguson. Charlie Gasparino weighs in on the media outrage over Burger King relocating to Canada to avoid U.S. taxes—why hasn’t the press been covering this issue until now? We’ll have new focus-group footage of why Americans don’t trust the media, and put that question to David Zurawik and Joe Concha. Plus, Howie responds to the latest comedic assault by Stephen Colbert.

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I have been a Fox News viewer for nearly 10 years and have never written in; however, I am absolutely sick and tired of hearing about Ferguson, MO ordeal. It's terrible the young man lost his life but let's wait on the facts to all be sorted out. Last week I drove through Ferguson on my way home from a project in an area more poverty stricken than Ferguson. It's a complete joke. People protesting on one block ONLY posing for the media.

Jimmy in Oklahoma

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