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SEAN SPICER said the president's maneuver on the nonexistent Comey tapes worked, and defended the shift to more off-camera briefings. ED HENRY said it's 2017 and that Spicer should get back in front of the cameras and answer questions. MOLLIE HEMINGWAY said the media focused so heavily on the Comey tapes gambit because it's easier than covering the leaking by the ex-FBI director. SHANNON PETTYPIECE said Trump leans into controversy and the press better get used to it. RAY SUAREZ said it was a big deal to hint that you taped your FBI chief and then cavalierly dismiss it weeks later. And SARAH LACY, who helped expose Uber's sexist culture, said ousted CEO Travis Kalanick tried to put her Pando website out of business.

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I wanted to send an email about your segment with Kellyanne. She should have her own news show so we can learn the POSITIVE news about President Trump! She was 100% on point about the news media about cherry-picking which stories they spin and "report." I know most of the news I read or hear is probably untrue or twisted into some negative story.

Susan Huey

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