December 09, 2016
Your Buzz: Should press hold pols accountable?

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MIKE HUCKABEE said he didn't understand why Donald Trump went to visit the New York Times because "that hour could have spent napping" for all the good it will do. SARAH FLORES said the media have "willingly played the bad guy" with Trump because journalists can't accept that he talks like a real person. ERIN McPIKE said Trump has renewed his attacks on the "dishonest media" to "inoculate" himself against future negative coverage. MICHAEL TOMASKY said he expects a "pretty antagonistic" media relationship with the president-elect, with Trump being both positive and negative. SUSAN FERRECHIO said Trump's tweets should absolutely be covered as news. MARK FELDSTEIN said the press feels like it got played by Trump and is going through some soul-searching.

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I think Trump completely understands the press and realizes tweeting and YouTube is a way to get his message out directly and unfiltered, sort of like the old fireside chats of FDR. Even the tweet about millions of illegal voters, many found so outrageous, may have been done to highlight the fact that in many states, getting driver's license automatically put you on the voter rolls. A system open for abuse.

Steve Ciardelli in Burlington, Vermont

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