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  • February 09, 2017

    I wanted to send an email about your segment with Kellyanne. She should have her own news show so we can learn the POSITIVE news about President Trump! She was 100% on point about the news media about cherry-picking which stories they spin and "report." I know most of the news I read or hear is probably untrue or twisted into some negative story.

    - Susan Huey
  • February 09, 2017

    Ms. Conway is absolutely correct in stating the media cherry-picks news coverage. The media constantly focuses on covering all of those crybabies who are parading around out there because they are not getting their way. That's exactly what they are, a bunch of crybabies! Why isn't the media giving equal time to the enormous amount of people who are totally behind President Trump and what he is doing to make all Americans safe?

    - Sharon B.
    from Pennsylvania
  • February 09, 2017

    It seems that the media bias goes on with Tom Brady not wanting to get involved with his friendship with President Trump. They make it to support Trump in any way is a bad thing. Is that not bias?

    - David Chiaramante

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July 17, 2014

Because you and Lauren went "ALL Out" to support Glenn Beck with scores of "10" and "9", let’s hope you do the same when he does/say some dumba** deed/remark. I promise we will venture here again.

- Robert
from Mississippi
July 09, 2014

Your show is interesting but the so-called "music" going to and from commercials is just awful. We watch in the morning out here in the West and the repetitive clanging driving guitar is not a good way to get going on Sunday! Please think about coming up with something new... Mozart would be nice.

- Pam
from Oregon
July 01, 2014

Did you notice the look on Ashburn's face when she stated that it took two men to replace Sawyer. In fact, the job was split into two responsibilities and two men were given the assignment. So, [is it a] "replacement" or simply a change in strategy? Was it a hint of racism when Kurtz talked about how the major networks are now back to "three WHITE men."

- Chuck
from Oregon
June 25, 2014

The popularity of soccer is not with REAL Americans. It's popular with the NEW Americans. The MM will continue to jam it down our throats as the new football. Just like when the girls team won something they tried to proclaim new popularity in girls soccer. The only thing people remember about that is some girl's bra. The MM continues to attack real football as too dangerous while ignoring the fact that there are more injuries in soccer.

- Robert
from Illinois
June 18, 2014

Howie: You and Lauren seemed surprised that John Stewart, a "fake" newsman, polls at 8% -- above MSNBC. The answer to this phenomenon is too easy... It is clear as he progresses through each show with his schtick that he is 1) left of center, 2) unapologetic about it and 3) he is a thoughtful and decent human being -- and not necessarily in that order...

- Robert
from Kansas
June 12, 2014

Really disappointed in your show of 6-8-14. You promoted a book for 80% of your show and then criticized MSNBC for being anti-GOP all day long. You failed to mention that FOX is anti-President Obama and the Democratic Party all day long every day. We watch your show because you try to keep it fair reporting, but today's show was really one sided.

- Clyde
from Tennessee
June 04, 2014

Don't you know that a whole segment of the US does not and will not watch anything on NBC or MSNBC. Not even when our favorite sports teams are playing on them. If Fox did not show or talk about the shows and/or interviews on either of those stations, we would not know anything about them.

- Faye
from Texas
May 28, 2014

I do agree that the film based on missing flight 370 is so far beyond sad. I can't begin to put myself in the families and loved ones place. Now let's be honest, looking at the history of the movie (entertainment) industry , are we really surprised? Do I agree with it, will I see the movie? He'll no !! Am I surprised that someone is making it? No.

- Paula
from Oklahoma