July 12, 2016

Ask Howie

Howard, WHY do you and most Fox News reporters lump people of color behaving badly in with the entire group of people of color, but do NOT (and rightly so) lump policemen behaving badly with the entire group of policemen? You should NOT label an entire group because of the actions of a few. Also, WHY do you continuously make references to "policemen were protecting the protesters," when it is the police job to protect law-abiding taxpayers and citizens?

- Robert D.
from Florida

We believe that the media is WORSE than the politicians. The media is responsible for the lost lives of those cops. You guys ran those videos over and over, pushing tensions higher and higher. You guys knew that showing those videos would raise tensions, and you did it anyway! You want to know what we think of the media? We hate the media!

- Stevae W.

I usually find your show to be impartial but on this morning's show having members of the media critique their performance of the coverage of this week's shocking events is laughable. It's akin to having the fox guard the hen house, of course they will say that their performance was good. Perhaps it would be more impartial to ask the public and I suspect that you would find that the public believes that the media has inflamed the situation (including Fox News).

- A Squirrel Now