February 23, 2016

Ask Howie

The disrespect demonstrated by the pontificating press only encourages many people, to increase their support of Trump. The irony should be obvious: Each time Trump is criticized, his support grows. That, along with the press' self-satisfied and often condescending manner, further encourages Trump's popular support.

- Stephen Karp

Thank you Howard. For the last 12 hours you are the only analyst on cable or network news that actually gave a fair and balanced report of Trump's win. Not only is this electorate sending the political establishment a message they refuse to acknowledge but also to your colleagues who are exhibiting their establishment views that I can't bear to watch much more. If only your creditability could extend to those in the media that are joined with the establishment at the hip.

- Joe S.

The San Bernardino terrorist did not own the phone, his employer did. It was provided to him to do his job as a health inspector. The employer has no problem with their phone being opened by the FBI, is Apple not being disingenuous? If Apple can build a work-around to get into the terrorist's iPhone, how do we know the Russians and Chinese haven't already done so? Isn't Apple making a phony argument on this? Have the Snowden revelations, and reaction to them, not fetishized 'privacy'?

- Mike H.