November 20, 2015

Ask Howie

When there is an obvious damaging error in reporting by the "mainstream liberal media" we conservatists (sic) blindly blame it simply on "the media", soon to be forgotten. The media is made up of persons, and some author wrote that erroneous article and is personally responsible. When calling the error to the public's attention, why do we not routinely expose that author by name, not just the nameless media?

- Robert M.

@HowardKurtz Do you think Wall Street Journal doesn't have their own Republican choice (i.e., Rubio, Kasich) instead of Carson?? Come on!

- Carol Rollings

You didn't ask any follow up of Maria. What got her booed was her characterization of Hillary as having an impressive list of accomplishments without qualifying it with the email blunder, possibly a criminal offense, Hillary’s lack of specific accomplishments as Sec. of State, Hillary’s lies about Benghazi attack, Hillary’s detached positon when Ambassador was trying to get better security in Libya...

- Phil L.