October 27, 2015

Ask Howie

During today's show you alluded to what you thought was the reason so many pundits have missed the boat this election cycle as an "Echo Chamber." In many of my emails to you, I referred to this as "Cut and Paste" pundits. What I mean by that is many of the pundits listen to the other pundits, journalists etc. and then cut parts of their oratory and paste them as their own. Just saying.

- David H

I was just watching your clip showing Chris Matthews "rudely" interrupting guests (many of whom may have a differing opinion than Chris). I almost exclusively watch the Fox News Network. Why I say that, Howie, is because you making a big deal about Chris Matthews interrupting his guests is definitely "the pot calling the kettle black"...

- Mark Russell

Just saw your segment on Sarah Lacy, founder of pando.com, ending up in the hospital due to pneumonia worsened by long hours at work. I see this as a non-story. As an entrepreneur, I can personally point to dozens of people I know that have sacrificed their health, relationships, finances and more to building their company. Did this became a story due to the fact that pando.com is a media company? Its connection to Silicon Valley and tech is merely a convenience. No real news here, just reality.

- Lenn Grabiner