October 09, 2015

Ask Howie

Trevor Noah will relate to America like Piers Morgan. It is like when you call support and you talk to an Indian. They do not catch any innuendos of the common experiences we as Americans share and the discussion gets a bit robotic. Much of the conversation will go well over Trevor’s head...

- Joe B.

Dan Rather was damaged goods ever since he asked Pres. Nixon: What are you running from? He was a disgrace then, and continued until his ignominious dismissal from CBS.

- Vincent P.

Jeb’s “flap” was much more accurate than Obama’s. Stuff does happen — and when it does, I will not be punished for it. Simple as that! The “gun safety” nonsense being spewed by the liar-in-chief and so-called pundits is smoke. All this has nothing to do with safety — that expression is just being used to ease the sting of the real intent. Too many people talking about things they know nothing about — for political gain and domination and control. Not gonna happen.

- Tom
from Maine