July 08, 2015

Ask Howie

Loved your interview with Trump, it was serious non-gotcha interview like other journalist... You're absolutely right about your opinion on Trump and America's feelings. We know he's not a bigot and speaking inartful, but that's how we speak out here. The media likes to pick every word and parse what they mean, out here we don't parse our words we speak our feelings. Majority of us haven't learned "PC" speak.

- Marialice

How come news organizations and politicians alike all assume they know what the pulse of the people is. In reality, y'all, including you Howard, are clueless about the feelings of the average American voter. Donald Trump is the first example of a Republican candidate with testicles larger than Hillary's. He is the first example of a Republican candidate not afraid to speak the truth.

- Gerry

You questioned Trump for talking about rapists at the border or for calling out the media by name. The only problem? We are talking ILLEGAL immigrants who DO commit crimes. Why is this so offensive and per Jeb Bush, hurtful? Hey...grow a pair! Also, the media is at times very arrogant and biased when interviewing Trump. Finally, if a member of the media, like Dr. Krauthammer, receives a distinguished award, it doesn't mean that he/she now gets a lifetime pass against criticism.

- Marian