March 03, 2015

Ask Howie

I don't quarrel with a weak journalist relying on gotcha questions to have a good interview. However, I quarrel with journalists handling of the answers. I applaud candidates who realize that I, as well as most of the public, want the questions to be about substantive issues. Therefore when they refuse to go there is applaud them while weak journalists criticize them for "ducking" the question which is a perjorative, biased characterization.

- Art
from Arizona

The reason we do not want to pass the bill to fund the DHS is because it has OTHER nonsense attached to it. Namely, funding the POTUS's unconstitutional, immigration nonsense. So NO, we can't let that stand. It is simple. Otherwise, as far as I'm concerned, the whole "sky is falling" regarding the DHS is a ruse... It's all games and propaganda.

- John
from North Carolina

Why is Donald Trump taken seriously when he talks about running for President? Let me count the reasons: Anyone who has his kind of money and is prepared to spend some of it (think Ross Perot) should be taken seriously, if only because even without winning the nomination he can influence the result.... We (meaning conservatives) do NOT take him seriously as a prospective presidential candidate, but we enjoy him.

- Lynda
from Virginia