• November 9, 2011 Happening Now

      Election 2011.. some interesting mixed results. In Ohio, a bill to curb the power of unions was overturned by voters. But voters there also voted to be able to opt out of the national Health Care law. In Virginia, it looks like the GOP gets control of the Virginia state senate with several GOP victories. In Mississippi, voters rejected a law that would have granted "personhood" to a fetus, but also voted to demand photo ID at voting booths. Republicans won the statehouse in MS. In KY dems picked up a governorship.

      Joe Paterno briefly spoke to supporters last night. The Penn State Coach is being urged to step down (including by one of our guests), but there are a lot of supporters too including those that showed up at his house last night chanting Penn slogans. Meantime outrage growing over how the alleged sexual abuse could of gone on for so long.

      Iran warning the U.S. and Israel he will never stop his quest for nuclear "power," but denies they are pursuing nuclear weapons. Tell that to the U.N.'s watchdog agency which issued a report yesterday some are calling a smoking gun in the case for Iran pursuing nukes.

      Some bad news out of Italy again today. Markets in Europe reacting very badly after borrowing costs for Italy hit more than 7%.. widely considered bailout territory. Berlusconi says he'll leave after reforms introduced, but events may be overtaking the whole of Europe. Keep a close eye on U.S. markets today.

      Clint Page Henderson

      A *massive* storm some are calling a "blizzicane" hammering Alaska.

      Toyota recalling half a million cars over faulty parts.