• With: Judy Miller, Kirsten Powers, Andrea Tantaros, Jim Pinkerton


    That is, she refuses to play ball with reporters while they try to kill her. Good for her.

    SCOTT: You are nodding in agreement, I guess.

    ANDREA TANTAROS, CONSERVATIVE COLUMNIST & FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, it's absolutely true. Dan Balz, from The Washington Post summed it up. She has mastered the art of playing with the media. And it also exposed this week how wimpy the media are. They came out and were whining that this is endangering their health and chasing after her might hurt them. I mean, buck up already.


    I mean, for people that dislike her so much, they sure are obsessed with her. I mean, it's like a fatal attraction thing. I mean, get over it.

    MILLER: Yes, but how do you get elected president, if she is running, and we still don't know, but how do you get elected with hostility on the part of the lame-stream media, as she calls them?

    SCOTT: Are you saying she could have done it? She couldn't overcome that?

    MILLER: I'm saying it's really hard to overcome dislike and intense hatred of that kind.

    POWERS: Yes, it's true. It's very difficult. When the media turned on Hillary, you saw what happened. They were behind her and then they decided, no, we're going to go with Obama. And it's very hard to fight that.

    PINKERTON: But it's unclear what she plans to do. All we know for sure is that she has the best reality show on TV; it’s a reality show without a set. It's wherever she goes, the reality show is. That is compelling.


    PINKERTON: That's compelling.

    TANTAROS: And the media tour is, I think, frustrating a lot of member in the GOP, the Tim Pawlenty’s that don't have high name ID, who are just clamoring for some media. They even came out --Pawlenty came out this week and told the news outlet, we have to get off these bus tours. They're really jealous she is sucking the oxygen out.


    And the media’s helping her.

    SCOTT: Jessica Yellin from CNN called the coverage--media coverage of the bus tour a low point in journalism. Yet, CNN has its camera chasing after her. Can they have it both ways?

    TANTAROS: Jessica does -- isn't responsible for what CNN covers. So this is her personal opinion. CNN is going -- you know, she probably was criticizing CNN as well; not thinking that this is something they should be covering. It wasn't -- she is not a declared candidate. And she gets all this attention just for being Sarah.

    SCOTT: Well, ABC, NBC, some of the other networks have labeled her unelectable, and yet, they book her on their shows because she gets ratings, right?

    PINKERTON: She gets -- there you have it. There you have it.


    I think the technical word for what you're talking about, Jon, is hypocrisy.


    SCOTT: In media? Surely not.


    Talking about some of the other candidates, I mean, Mitt Romney made his big announcement and it was sort of squelched by all of the Sarah Palin talk.

    MILLER: She was over -- I mean, Mitt Romney, poor Mitt Romney was overtaken by Sarah Palin's clam bake.


    I mean, this is just astonishing.

    TANTAROS: I think it's hilarious.


    I think she’s a genius. She rolled into New Hampshire and squashed his announcement. Republicans yawned anyway. And the media, they pulled out of his live announcement, all the major networks. They were yawning, too.

    SCOTT: What about him? He has sort of media enemies on both ends of the scale, liberal and conservative. Maybe being in the middle is not a bad place to be. I don't know.

    What do you think, Jim?

    PINKERTON: I mean, look, there is an underlying reality here. And that is Republicans will nominate someone and my hunch is Palin is not going to run. Which means Romney has a better chance than she does. With unemployment going back up above 9 percent again, and clear -- even the media now are admitting that, yes, we are headed toward a double dip, that's good news for some Republican. That's for sure.

    SCOTT: Yes. Well, that unemployment thing is a whole other coverage thing we've got to get to. But Austan Goolsbee, from the White House, said, yes, pay no attention to those numbers that came out yesterday, because it's the six-month numbers that you ought to be looking at.

    MILLER: Yes, that is why the president himself had to come out without his jacket on to talk about the economy and explain his auto bailout and all of that. Come on. Of course, they have to be worried about those numbers. And the country ought to be worried about those numbers.

    SCOTT: Time for a break.

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