Lew, McConnell and the Word "Tax"

White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew is not concerned about how the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act may impact the November election for president.

“When the court rules, we have a final answer,” Lew said.

To Republicans who want to repeal the law, Lew says they will have to explain it to those who are already experiencing its benefits.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who joined “Fox News Sunday” following Lew, disagreed that the issue is settled.

Calling the new health care law the “single worst piece of legislation passed in modern times,” McConnell said it will be a big issue in the November election.

The high court found that the individual mandate was constitutional under Congress’s power to “lay and collect taxes.”

That has opened the president up to a new attack, that he is raising taxes on the middle class, something he has said many times he will not do.

Lew said that the very few people who decide to not purchase insurance as the law mandates will be the only ones impacted by the penalty.

The White House Chief of Staff, clearly reluctant to agree with the Court’s definition of the penalty as a tax, argued that Americans should take into account the number of tax cuts the administration has passed over its three plus years in office.

Senator McConnell on the other hand has been pressing the message that since the Court has deemed the penalty a tax the president has broken his promise.

The first step in the Republican plan for health care, McConnell said, is to repeal the existing law fully and then address bringing down health care costs, something he is prepared to do should Republicans win a majority of Senate seats in November.

Asked what kind of plan the Republican Party is prepared to offer that will provide universal coverage, McConnell said universal coverage is “not the issue.”