Plouffe & Lieberman Spar in Dueling Interviews

President Obama’s Senior Adviser David Plouffe and Senate Homeland Security Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-CT) joined "Fox News Sunday" to discuss the growing furor over a series of national security leaks, which are now being investigated by the Justice Department.

The controversy surrounding the leaks investigation has continued to grow in Washington. Mr. Plouffe vigorously denied that the leaks were indeed coming from the White House and pointed to the administration’s record on fighting terrorism. He stated, “The president and his national security team… are the folks who waged just a relentless and effective effort against al Qaeda and its leadership.”

Plouffe then added, “This national security information is so critical for the president and his administration to make the right decision. Nobody takes it more seriously than the president of the United States.”

When anchor Chris Wallace asked Mr. Plouffe if President Obama had declassified the information, which would have allowed for the information to be leaked, he answered, “No, of course he didn’t.”

During a subsequent interview, Senator Joe Lieberman argued for Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a Special Prosecutor. Lieberman said, “Holder would do the administration and himself a favor if he appointed special counsels in this case because it would remove any appearances that anybody in this administration was trying to block a full-scale investigation.”

Lieberman then added, “Special counsels, independent counsels before them, were created for situations exactly like this.”