This week on Fox News Sunday: (4/29/12)

A year after killing Usama Bin Laden, where does the war on terror stand? We’ll get an update on the brutal unrest in Syria, the threat from Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula, and the current state of play in Afghanistan with President Obama’s top Counterterrorism Adviser.

Segment 1: John Brennan, White House Counterterrorism Adviser

Then, faith in America, we’ll bring you Chris Wallace’s discussion with two of the country’s most influential religious leaders, Joel and Victoria Osteen.

Segment 2: Joel Osteen, Pastor, Lakewood Church

Victoria Osteen, Co-Pastor, Lakewood Church

Plus Our Sunday Panel:

Brit Hume – Fox News Senior Political Analyst

Liz Marlantes – The Christian Science Monitor

Kimberley Strassel – The Wall Street Journal

Charles Lane – The Washington Post

Plus, our Power Player of the Week takes care of over 500 different species at the National Zoo.

Power Player: Dr. Suzan Murray, Chief Veterinarian at the National Zoo