Herman Cain Talks Latest Polls & Chris Christie

Presidential candidate Herman Cain, who’s now polling third in the latest Fox News poll, joined “Fox News Sunday” to discuss his recent success and his strategy for winning the Republican nomination.

Anchor Chris Wallace asked Cain what’s the reason behind his rise in the polls. The candidate answered, “The voice of the people is much more powerful than the voice in the media. As you know, some of the media outlets have been trying to make the Republican contest, a contest between two people, two governors. The people said something differently.”

The other big political story this week was whether or not New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will enter the presidential race. Christie, who has garnered enthusiasm over the way he has governed his state, has a few positions that some conservatives might have a problem with, which include his positions on global warming and immigration.

The candidate had this to say about the New Jersey governor’s chances, “I think that is absolutely a liability for him if he gets in the race.” He continued, “Most of the conservatives believe that we should enforce our borders. They do not believe people should be here with documentation. They do not believe global warming is a crisis or a threat.”

Cain caused a bit of controversy this week when he said that many in the African American community are “brainwashed” when it comes to the political process. He defended his comments and pointed to something that President Obama said just last week.

“That's not as insensitive as the president of the United States standing in front of a major black audience, the Congressional Black Caucus, and scolding them because his policies have failed the country, his policies have failed black people. That's more insensitive -- that's more insulting to me than me using a term brainwashed.”