Ron Paul is In It To Win It


GOP presidential candidate Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) joined “Fox News Sunday” to discuss his rise in the polls and what he attributes his success so far this cycle to.

The most recent Gallup poll of Republican presidential candidates has the congressman in third place, behind Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, but ahead of Michele Bachmann and all the other candidates.

Paul, who is making his third run for the presidency, said the good poll numbers are a sign that his ideas are gaining traction.

What has been "unconventional," Paul said, has been government's actions over the past several years “in regards to our Constitution.”

He is “in it to win” Paul says of his candidacy. And, if elected president, he would reduce the power of the federal government to return it, as he sees it, to its proper Constitutional role.

A follower of the Austrian school of economics, Paul described his prescription for a healthy economy as, “hands off, free markets, sound money.”