This week on Fox News Sunday: (7/3/11)

President Obama calls out Congressional Republicans for departing the debt ceiling negotiations. Now with Congress set to forego their July 4th recess will either political party be able to reach a compromise before the August 2nd deadline? We'll get answers from a top Republican leader.

Segment 1: Sen. John Cornyn, (R) Texas

Then, the president laid out his plan for withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan. Two big thinkers on our nation's military join us to offer up their views on how the troop withdrawal will affect the situation on the ground.

Segment 2: Sen. Joe Lieberman, (I) Connecticut / Armed Services Committee

Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R) South Carolina / Armed Services Committee

Plus, our Sunday Panel:

- Bill Kristol - Weekly Standard & Fox News

- Nina Easton - Fortune Magazine & Fox News

- Chris Stirewalt - Fox News Digital Politics Editor

- Kirsten Powers - New York Post Columnist & Fox News

And, we'll hear from an actor turned activist, who's creating a new foundation to support our troops.

Guest: Gary Sinise, Actor / "Gary Sinise Foundation"