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May 20, 2015

Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI):

“It goes to this larger question of why do the Clintons think there's a different set of rules for them than there is for the rest of us? Clearly the policy said for federal government employees that they couldn't have a separate server, if you look at the other things, even if it wasn't criminal, or against the rules, I think basic ethics 101 would tell you it's a conflict of interest to take money or have your spouse take money from Foreign countries at the same time someone is a secretary of state. This is just part of a pattern that I think many Americans, not just Republicans are concerned with, many Republicans are frustrated with.”


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  • Hand-Controlled Operation

    Wounded Warriors Family Support Ford Explorer

  • Operation Homefront

    Operation Homefront provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors.

  • Fasten your seatbelt as Maria Molina teams up with the Blue Angels

    The mission of the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron is to showcase the pride and professionalism of the United States Navy and Marine Corps by inspiring a culture of excellence and service to country through flight demonstrations and community outreach

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