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Bush, Republicans blamed for crisis in Iraq, Obama's foreign policy unpopularity

Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen defended the White House's foreign policy Thursday amid growing GOP criticism of the Obama administration for the crisis in Iraq.

Appearing on "America's Newsroom," the ranking member of the House Budget Committee blamed the Bush administration for opening "Pandora's Box" by invading Iraq over a decade ago.

"The reality is that we're seeing the continuing fallout from the original decision to go in and invade Iraq," he said. "We took the lid off of Iraq."

"Many of us have said all along that you set in motion a chain of events that the United States can't control."

Van Hollen also blamed his Republican colleagues in the Senate for low voter approval ratings of Obama's leadership abroad.

"Unfortunately, what used to be more of a national consensus in foreign policy has now become an automatic partisan issue," he stated.

"It's because of this consent, constant rant that divides the country when we should be coming together on these issues."

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