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McCain blasts Obama's 'total misreading' of Putin

Senator John McCain continued his public disapproval of President Obama's foreign policy Monday, calling out Obama for a "total misreading" of Vladimir Putin and his motives.

Appearing on "America's Newsroom" this morning, co-host Bill Hemmer asked the Arizona senator to give the president's performance a letter grade.

"Somewhere between a D and a F," McCain responded. "I'm sure the president has done a lot of good things, presidents do. But as far as dealing with Vladimir Putin and Russia, it is a total absolute misreading and failure to understand who Vladimir Putin is."

McCain also clarified that while he believes Crimea is lost now, he hopes it is not lost for good.

"We have to look at it realistically and accept at least in the short term that it's lost, because we don't have an option to remove him [Putin]. But that doesn't mean we don't respond and respond vigorously, including a fundamental reassessment of our relations with Vladimir Putin."

"This is a result of a feckless foreign policy."

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