Liven up the 2018 Academy Awards with an award-worthy Oscars Workout Game

The Oscars can be tedious for television audiences, especially now that the broadcast routinely approaches four hours.

But for those of us that still want to watch every minute, Oscar night doesn't have to be all about sitting and waiting — and it's all thanks to 305 Fitness creator and founder Sadie Kurzban.


“We're all so busy these days, that it's near impossible to sit still and watch an entire awards show like the Oscars for hours at a time,” Kurzban explains. “Adding some dancing and a quick workout is a great way to make the time pass, bond with friends, and sneak in some exercise.”

oscars workout game 1

Sadie Kurzban of 305 Fitness aims to liven up the Oscars telecast with an Academy-inspired workout challenge.  (Fox News)

To that end, Kurzban has created an Oscars workout game to help boost viewers' heart rates while also boosting enjoyment of the telecast.

Here's how Kurzban's Oscars Workout Game works:

Oscars Workout Game:

  • Every time a woman wins an award: Do a squat press with weight
  • Every time “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” wins an award: Do three squats on a balance board
  • Every time “The Shape of Water” wins an award: Swimmers
  • Every time the camera pans to Meryl Streep: Have a mini dance party
  • Every time Harvey Weinstein is mentioned or alluded to: Four punches plus two jumping jacks
  • Every time a joke falls flat: Lateral raise with a weight for 15 seconds
  • Every time music plays someone off: Dance, dance, dance!
oscars workout game 2

As part of Kurtzban's Oscars Workout Game, viewers are prompted to lift, squat or dance depending on what happens on-screen. She even challenges viewers with a 15-second lateral raise every time a joke falls flat.  (Fox News)


As Fox News found out firsthand, the game is even more fun with friends — a practice that may even lead to helping you catch the workout bug.

“The workout that burns the most calories is the workout you'll stick with over time,” Kurzban explains. “I don't want to dread my workout, I want to look forward to it! Having fun while I work out, especially by dancing, is key for sticking with my program.” 

Watch Kurzban demo each move above, along with some brand new workout technology.