Aviation student's 'Marry Me' proposal seen, and accepted, in the air

Newly engaged Gavin Becker just set the bar to a sky-high level for marriage proposals.

The aviation student in northern Minnesota carved out a giant heart in the snow with the words “Marry Me” on top. Then he took his girlfriend for an airplane ride to get an aerial view of his creation.

Gavin's father Ed Becker told KARE-TV that the idea came about as the family sat around chatting about ways he could propose to his now-fiancée, Oliva Toft.

That’s when they reminisced how Gavin had asked Oliva to their high school prom by painting, “Olivia, you ROCK,” on a rock. The marriage proposal idea grew from there.

The University of North Dakota aviation student saw his proposal to fruition by enlisting his family for help. His father told KARE-TV that it took them about four-and-a-half hours to complete the design, with letters that were 25 feet long.

Gavin used a snowblower to pen the romantic message in front of the family’s In-We-Go Resort on a frozen lake. Then he rented a plane and flew Toft for over the lake to see -- and she said yes.   

Ed told the news station that it was a labor of love for a woman the Beckers are excited about welcoming into their family.

"We are definitely fond of Olivia," Ed said. "They're a good faith-based couple trying to figure out what their future is."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.