Couple uses hilarious 'flower man' at their wedding

When Amanda and Daniel DeDoncker got engaged over two years ago, the couple didn’t know their wedding was going to be a viral hit.

Last Saturday, the couple wed outside of Dayton, OH. But before the two said “I do,” their friend Jake Clark set the stage for their walk down the aisle as “flower man.”

“I don’t think [Jake] thought we were serious about it,” Amanda tells Yahoo Style. “Our wedding was an adult wedding only, so it made sense for there to be a flower man instead of a little girl. It’s definitely our style to be different and funny and outgoing. We did not want a traditional wedding anyway.”


According to Yahoo Style, Clark approached the couple after they got engaged and volunteered himself to be part of the wedding party. Amanda and Daniel took him up on the offer, and now the pictures of Clark's walk down the aisle have received nearly 200 reactions and over 60 shares on Facebook.

Clark strutted down the aisle with not one, but three fanny packs – all stuffed with fallen fall leaves. During the rehearsal, Amanda thought the fallen leaves were pretty, but Clark says of the atypical wedding foliage, “Unfortunately, a lot of them were shredded when I pulled them out, and some people got some leaves to the face as well, which they seemed to be good sports about.”

As for the multiple fanny packs, Clark wanted to “go big or go home.”

“I figured if I’m going to be flower man, I’m going to go all out — go big or go home,” Clark tells Yahoo. “I could have just carried around a basket, but I thought, ‘How could I make it a little more over the top?’ So I decided three fanny packs, not one. The showcase fanny pack was actually a unicorn fanny pack.”

The “flower man” idea seems to be catching on. Photographer Sarah Graybeal, who shot the DeDoncker wedding, received many comments on her Facebook from people saying “wedding goals,” and “keep this in mind."


Clark wasn’t the only unconventional part of the wedding – later in the evening an unexpected blaze broke out.

“There was a fire outside the venue,” Daniel says. “And the flower man and the cake guy ran over to put it out. The fire department showed up and everything!”