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3 Terrific Ways to Detoxify Your Body With Yoga

Yoga Medicine's Tiffany Cruikshank shows us three poses that will detox your body.


Feeling sluggish, tired, or weighed down? Yoga Instructor and author Tiffany Cruikshank of Yoga Medicine knows just what you need: a detoxifying yoga routine.

According to Cruikshank, there are three straightforward moves that can help eliminate toxins from the body, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on the day. She starts by performing a variation of the downward facing dog, which revs up circulation and metabolism, before moving into a lunge position to stimulate digestion. Lastly, Tiffany takes us down to the floor for a core posture, which helps twist and massage the internal organs.

For specific instructions on executing each pose, check out Tiffany's tips in the video above.