'Micro-Apartment' For Sale In New York City: $469,000 For 450 Sq. Ft.

A “micro-apartment” on the Upper West Side is proof that good things come in small packages.

Thanks to an innovative multi-purpose cabinet set up, the 450 square foot space can be transformed from a studio into four different living spaces, depending on the owner's needs.

Closets and storage space is also included inside the $70,000 dollar custom built unit.

In 2005, Eric Schneider, a third-grade teacher at Grace Church School, bought the 450 sq. ft. unit with a tiny kitchen on the Upper West Side for $235,000.

He says the space is very comfortable, but he's ready to move on.

So if you're interested, it can be yours for $469,000.

New York News

“It was basically an open rectangular space,” Schneider said. “There wasn't much to it, there were just a couple of old closets, an old corner kitchen and that was it.”

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