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10 Cooking Gadgets Gifts For The At-Home Chef



While we publicly disdain unitaskers and frivolous gadgets in the kitchen, we each have a secret love for the tools that make our cooking lives a little easier.

There are plenty of gadgets and little tools that are very useful in the kitchen; it just comes down to how you cook.

If you love it and use it, it's good for your kitchen! What is that gadget for you? Your garlic press? A strawberry huller?

May we suggest ten more little gadgets, from an offbeat peeler to a yogurt maker, that just might find a place on your gift list. And yes, there's an egg separator. How could we not?


  • 1 KitchenAid Stand Mixer Pasta Press Attachment, $179.95 from Williams-Sonoma: This is the priciest gadget on our list, but for the pasta-lover, it's worth the investment. Extrude shaped pastas like bucatini, rigatoni, and fusilli — we fell in love with this thing (see our full review here). 
  • 2 German-Made Cherry Pitter, $32.95 from Lehman's: For the home canner and preserver, this old-fashioned cherry pitter gets a messy job done very quickly. Try it with olives, too! 
  • 3 Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker, $25.50 from Amazon: The easiest way to make consistently delicious homemade yogurt. 
  • 4 Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder, $59.95 from Amazon: Faith has one of these cute, fat-bellied nutmeg graters and if, like her, you put nutmeg on pasta and in meat sauces as well as in your gingerbread, you'll adore it as much as she does. 
  • 5 Rechargeable Sensor Pump, $59.95 from Simplehuman: This no-hands sensor pump is a nice accessory to a clean and sanitary kitchen. 
  • 6 Zyliss Handheld Pizza Wheel, $11 from Amazon: This gadget rave comes from reader jj11news, who uses it to "cut and slice everything — pizza, brownies, bars, quesadillas, dough, and I'm sure a bunch of other things." 
  • 7 Normann Copenhagen Peeler in Coral, $17 from Gretel Home: A pretty and practical peeler with European flair. 
  • 8 Pluck Egg Separator, $12.99 from Quirky: OK, OK we couldn't help it: this little gadget keeps your hands clean and your egg whites yolk-free. We could just watch it all day long, too... 
  • 9 Chef'n VeggieChop, $17 from Amazon: This little chopper (see it in action here) is another one of Faith's favorite kitchen tools. It's much cheaper and easier to clean than a food processor, and yet it does all the things a food chopper should do: makes pesto, chops nuts, blends sauces, purees small batches of soup. For all its functionality, though, the pull-string still makes it as fun as a toy! 
  • 10 Dishwasher Safe iPad Stand, 34.95 from Amazon: A gadget for your gadget. We love this handsome stand for your iPad or tablet.