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How To Cut Down On Heating Costs (And Still Stay Warm)


 (Apartment Therapy)

You all are going to laugh at me, but when the cold weather first hit, I had the thermostat set at 69ºF and I was freezing.

Jeans, two sweatshirts, thick socks, freezing.

I knew I couldn't leave the thermostat on 69 forever, but I also wanted to survive the winter. And so, over the last couple of weeks, I've gradually turned down the heat and now I'm proud to say I'm comfortable at 63 degrees. How low can I go?

I'm fairly certain that if I'd knocked the temperature down to 63 degrees right off the bat, you wouldn't be reading this right now because one of the following scenarios would have occurred:

  • I would have gone into hibernation, only to return to Apartment Therapy in the spring.
  • I would have thrown my "Sundresses" box in the truck and driven south, never to be heard from again.
  • I would have gotten two more jobs and given up everything else (including wi-fi and my laptop) to be able to afford to keep the heat at 82º.

As it is, I'm happy to report that a gradual slide down the thermometer is working out quite nicely. I'm slowly adjusting to a cooler house, while doing my best to stock up on cute $3 sweaters at the thrift store so I can keep creeping colder. At night I keep the heat set at 60 degrees, and aim to go quite a bit lower. My partner is not as jazzed about cold-weather sleeping as I am, but I'm convinced it's the best — oh, and it saves money and resources!