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New 'Shreddies' Underwear Neutralizes Flatulence Odor Before it Clears the Room


The modern age offers us so many freedoms, yet one has continued to elude us for centuries: the freedom to fart where we choose.

But now, thanks to Shreddies, that injustice may slowly begin to dissipate until it's nothing more than an unpleasant memory.

Shreddies are described as "the ultimate flatulence filtering underwear," as they feature a special carbon cloth that neutralizes odor. Available for both men and women, Shreddies can apparently filter out smells up to 200 times stronger than that of a normal human fart. The New York Daily News also reports that Shreddies utilize Zorflex to accomplish their flatulence-filtering properties, a substance also used in chemical warfare gear.

These products might seem like nothing more that mere novelties, but Shreddies Ltd. recommends their products for anyone suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, Crohn’s disease, Dyspepsia or Colitis, along with those who suffer from food intolerances or digestive disorders.

"Not only do Shreddies work by effectively removing flatulence odours, but they also help to give that added assurance and often much-needed confidence," reads part of the Shreddies mission statement. "The Shreddies motto is 'Fart with confidence' and our underwear ensures just that."

It seems that Shreddies brings us one step closer to a world where we can enjoy the freedom to fart without fear, yet it's doubtful Shreddies can neutralize the embarrassing sounds that accompany our farts.