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Declutter Your Closet: A 30-Second Tip



Our friends at Apartment Therapy have featured plenty of tips over the years on how to cut the clutter in your closet, from utilizing the hanger trick to organizing just one category at a time.

But this quick tip uses logic that's so, well, logical, it deserves to be called out.

Here's a novel idea from Lifehacker: the next time you're trying to clean out your closet, ask yourself: Would I buy this today if I were out shopping?

Oftentimes your style changes, but you find yourself unable to let go of items you never wear anymore, simply because they still fit (or might fit again one day), were given as gifts, cost a lot of money, have emotional value, etc. But let's face it: If you wouldn't be comfortable buying those same items again, it's a good sign you don't have a use for them now, or in the future. Time to purge!