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Kate Middleton and The Dukan Diet



By now, you may have heard about the Dukan Diet — a weight-loss plan beloved by chic French women and celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Gisele Bundchen, who’ve both used the diet as a means of to returning to their svelte selves after having babies.

Another new mom known to have dabbled in the Dukan Diet: Kate Middleton.

While it’s kind of hard to imagine the lithe royal following a mass diet plan, it’s been reported that Middleton and her mom Carol are both fans of the regimen, and use it to stay super-slim. Since so many women in the public eye seem to drop baby weight at lightening speed, it’s only natural to wonder if the Duchess of Cambridge will join the ranks of J.Lo and Gisele and hop on the post-baby Dukan Diet, as well.

So, what’s the diet all about? Popularized in 2010 by French physician Pierre Dukan, the plan consists of four phases: Attack, Cruise, Consolidation, and Stabilization. Here’s a basic breakdown:

Attack Phase: In this first phase, dieters are only allowed to eat super-lean protein. Veal, beef, and white-meat skinless chicken and turkey are allowed, as is fish, shellfish, eggs, fat-free dairy products, and lots of water. This phase can be followed anywhere from two to seven days, and shouldn’t exceed 10 days.

Cruise Phase: Next, you’ll start to alternate the protein-heavy first stage with the same diet plus as many green or cooked vegetables that you’d like. Go back and forth daily between all protein and protein plus veggies. Why? Because Dukan himself has said this effectively burns calories. Most people remain in this phase for about five days for every pound you want to drop.

Consolidation Phase: Dieters start easing their way into eating other foods in this phase, incorporating one serving of fruit, two slices of whole wheat bread and 1.5 ounces of cheese per day.  Twice a week, you’ll eat two five-ounce servings of starch and all the usual proteins. Twice a week, you’ll eat two unrestricted meals with wine and dessert (woo-hoo!), followed by a day of only protein. For every pound you dropped, stick to this third step for five days.

Stabilization Phase: Eat whatever you want with one day a week of following the all-protein Attack Phase (Dukan thinks Thursday is a good day for that.)

While proponents seem to swear by the Dukan Diet, detractors says it’s too unscientific, too confusing (no argument there), and too protein heavy. Judge for yourself by heading over to the diet’s website, or by picking up the book.