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FOX News Magazine's Tattoo Takeover — Click Here to Get Started!


Got ink?

Whether you have a collection of tattoos, you're a lover of the art, or you're thinking about taking that permanent ink plunge, there's something here for you. All week long, we'll be taking you behind the needle for a total tattoo takeover.

We've got plenty of slideshows, style guides and informative articles, including:

We also talked with some of the best artists in the industry for our series. Each ink master reveals their thoughts and most memorable stories about their profession, from where they think the industry is headed to what inspires their art. Check out interviews with modern tattoo legends like:

We're also unveiling a two-part web series, "Get Inked!" featuring award-winning New Jersey-based tattoo artist Danny Pain. He'll be taking you through the step-by-step process of getting a tat, from concept to care. We've also included a special featurette to give you a dermatologist's take on tattoos.

Stay tuned for new tattoo content all week long, right here at FOX News Magazine!