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We Tried It: CrossFit


I’m not one for weight training, but like many gym-goers, I was getting tired of the same blasé routine. My tedious treadmill runs and elliptical glides just weren't cutting it anymore.

That’s when a friend suggested CrossFit. For those of you who are as clueless about the program as I was, it's a high-intensity routine that targets core strength and conditioning by utilizing weightlifting exercises, gymnastics movements and metabolic conditioning such as running, swimming, biking and rowing.

Sound tough? You better believe it. But with hard-bodied celebs like Jessica Biel, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Jason Statham and Channing Tatum reportedly doing it, I figured it was worth a try.

When I arrived at the CrossFit One Life Gym, my fellow CrossFitters were already stretching in preparation for the class as our friendly instructor yelled words of encouragement. With a very large water bottle and a little ambition, I joined in.

By the end of that intense 60 minute period, I was sweaty, nauseous and fatigued, but absolutely certain that I’d be returning again for another session. Here's why:

  • Anyone can try it. My group consisted of both men and women of varying ages who all finished the class with the same intention to return. No matter what age, gender, body type or physical ability you have, the CrossFit conditioning method is scalable to meet individual needs. Each movement has a number of variations that are tailored to the strength of the person.
  • It targets different parts of the body. The CrossFit program prepares your body for full and total fitness by not focusing on any one activity. Different muscle groups are constantly targeted with different motions. With the constant rotation, I never felt completely exhausted and unable to continue.
  • It benefits the whole body. The routine helps build up heart and lung endurance, as well as balance, stamina, strength and flexibility. The high-intensity movements aim to increase one's overall fitness and quality of life.
  • You start off strong and you end strong. There was never a point during our workout that I felt bored or uninterested. Our warm-up consisted of leg swings, hand release pushups, hip flexor stretches, squats, sit-ups and jump rope. As we transitioned to our "Workout of the Day" (aka WOD) we took on deadlifts, hand release pushups and wall touches.

Final Verdict: Whether you’re just looking to switch up your regular exercise routine or you’re trying to start something new, this unique workout has something for everyone. (Always make sure to check with your doctor before beginning a new fitness program).