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Clever Ways to Maximize Shoe Storage


You can never have too many shoes, but not everyone has a walk-in closet to store them. We asked Amy Brady, a professional organizer from, to share some creative tips for finding space for our footwear. Here's what she suggests:

Store shoes in unexpected places

  • Display designer heels in a china closet or fabulous boots on a bookshelf.
  • Place open basket(s) under a bench in the entryway and store shoes worn the most often here.
  • “File” flats, sandals and flip flops vertically in an open storage bin.
  • Take advantage of furniture items that perform double duty, such as this Lily Pulitzer Home shoe storage ottoman.
  • Use a low-profile shoe cabinet, such as the Ikea Hemnes.

Create Instagram photo labels for exiting shoe boxes

"This makes it easy to see what's inside."

For boots, use shapers

"Cut pool noodles to size or use empty wine bottles as boot shapers." This tip that keeps boot legs upright will maximize the space you have to store them.

Take time to organize every day

To further avoid shoe clutter, Amy recommends taking "five to ten minutes each night before bedtime to return items to their homes, including shoes that have landed under the coffee table." 

"Oftentimes, the things that end up strewn about the house are those that don’t have a designated home," she explains.

This is where keeping an open basket near the front door also comes in handy. "Get into the habit of taking shoes off immediately so they don’t wind up scattered all over the home."