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Decorating With Patterns


 (Courtesy of Judith Balis)

Wallpaper, throw pillows, rugs … it seems like patterns are everywhere! While they're a fun way to add personality to any room, how do you use your favorite prints without getting too carried away? We asked professional interior decorator, Judith Balis, for her advice.

  • Vary the size. Combining patterns that are all the same dimensions look cluttered and chaotic. Make sure to use large, medium and small patterns to create a visual balance. 
  • Mix neutral with bold. When using bold patterns such as geometrics, florals or other busy prints, try to throw in a neutral pattern if possible … such as a stripe, dot or chunky weave. 
  • Keep color consistent. If you like a lot of shades, feel free to use varying patterns as long as you stay within the same color family. This will give your home a more "eclectic" look.