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Makeup That Will Get You a Raise

Sonia Kashuk shows you how to get a professional look.


You might be putting in extra hours at the office trying to impress the boss, but have you considered how much makeup you wear?

You should start. Studies show that wearing moderate makeup to the office increases people’s perceptions of your likeability and competence — two qualities that can contribute greatly to your climb in the chain of command.

But what does "moderate" makeup look like? Put down the red lipstick, because we went to expert Sonia Kashuk for step-by-step instructions on how to create a professional look. Be sure to check out the "" look that our expert is building upon.

Creating the look:

1. Line the eyes. Emphasize eyes by applying a liner to the lash line. When it comes to the office, stick to neutral colors only!

2. Blend the liner. Using a small, soft brush, smudge and soften the line. When blending with a brush, regularly wipe the brush on a tissue to take off any excess makeup.

3. Set the liner. Brush a bit of loose powder over the line to keep it in place all day.

4. Apply a base shade. Using a medium brown color, apply eye shadow to the lid from the crease to the lashline.

5. Emphasize the lashline. Using a darker brown shadow, trace the liner with your brush.

6. Add more mascara. One extra coat should do.

7. Apply lipstick. Stick to a neutral color like a soft mauve.

8. Powder the T-zone. Use a small shadow brush for precise application.

To see Sonia create this look, click the video above. Don't forget to check out Sonia's video on creating a "" look to use as a starting point for this office-ready look.

Meet the Expert:

Sonia Kashuk began her career in the early '80s as a makeup artist. Ever since, she has been a pioneer in bringing luxury makeup to the mass market.