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3 Thigh-Slimming Exercises

Kick-kicks with pulse - they'll work!


Looking to tone your thighs and glutes? Fitness expert Heather Culton has three pilates moves you can do from the comfort of your own home!

Follow along with the video above or read below for a full description of these workouts. Be sure to tailor these moves to your own strength and flexibility!

Kick-kicks with pulse:1. Lay on your side with your right leg on top, placing your head on your hand. Bring your feet slightly forward into a pike position. Place your right hand in front of your chest and apply some pressure.

2. Lift your right leg into the air, move it forward and kick twice.

3. Swing the right leg back, engaging the glutes, and kick twice more.

4. Repeat 10 times on each leg.

    Note: For more of a challenge, add a circle at the top of the kicks.

The D’s:1. Turn your top leg out and bring it to its maximum height. Make sure your legs remain straight throughout this exercise.

2. Swing your leg in a half-circle forming a capital “D.” As soon as that leg hits the other, bring it back to its straight position.

3. Repeat this movement five times.

4. Reverse the movement, starting back at the top. Move your leg straight down and circle open to the ceiling.

5. Repeat this movement five times.

6. Repeat the series on the other leg.

Knee-to-leg-extension1. Lying down, bring your knees into a fetal position and form a 90 degree angle.

2. Lift your top foot, open your knees, touch your toes together, and then extend your leg as high up to the ceiling as you can.

3. On the way back down, touch your toes together, then your knees. When touching your knees together, make sure to keep your toes separated.

4. Repeat the series 10 times on each leg.

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