More Men Regret Online Posts



There's no doubt, former Congressman Anthony Wiener has regrets about things he posted online and apparently, he's not alone. Some new studies have found a lot of people have regrets about things they said online and surprisingly its more men.

According to Retrevo, 35 percent of the people polled said they have posted something online that they later regretted, that's about one in three people. 

For the younger crowd, 25 and under, 54 percent said they have made regretful posts. For those over 25, only 32 percent said they've made online comments they've eventually regretted.

Here's another study. This one from Marist College, 18 percent of the people polled said they've posted something they've regretted online. But here's the interesting part, more men admitted to doing this than women. Fifty percent believed that social media does more harm than good.

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