If "Dora the Explorer" Was Written by a Preschooler

Inspiration can be found many places.

Lauren was 4 when Dora the Explorer became her major muse. Because her dad, Richard Kyanka, happens to be the owner of the Something Awful comedy website, a few of her ideas have now been turned into animated shorts that have Dora cavorting with hundred-eared monsters, fiery planets and, uh, Jesus.

As SA staffer Dave Kelly wrote us, Kyanka “decided to bring his talented daughter into work and asked her to tell a story about anything. Her stories were unique and clever with a strange esoteric quality (just like her dad!) Her favorite subject seemed to be Dora.”

You can see a sample Lauren’s work below and more on
And there may be more to come.

“Lauren is now 5 years old and she still has plenty of avant-garde stories in her,” Kelly wrote. 

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