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Food Prep

Simple kitchen hack earns man title of ‘most genius husband in the universe’


This kitchen hack shows that we've been cutting grapes wrong the whole time. (iStock)

Guys, happy wife, happy life, right?  

So it’s hard to believe that Rob Goodhue was holding out on his wife for 10 years with this simple yet brilliant way to halve a bunch of grapes or cherry tomatoes, in just seconds flat.

Laura Mullins Goodhue recently wrote on Facebook after her husband posted a video showing that we’ve been cutting grapes wrong for years.  

His trick is to put grapes on a plate, cover them with another same-sized plate –and then cut in between for perfectly halved grapes.  To be fair, Rob Goodhue is an executive chef at a country club in Florida, according to his Facebook profile, so he probably has more tricks like those up his sleeve.

But he's not just impressed his wife. The post has been shared nearly 170,000 times on Facebook after being put up Sunday.  

Scary Mommy labeled him “the most genius husband in the universe.” 

We think that's just about right.