Eat yourself thin: A step-by-step plan for losing weight and keeping it off


As clocks go forward this month, the summer countdown begins — and we have a plan to get you beach body ready in just 10 weeks.

No fad diet or banning of food groups — this is about changing your relationship with food and exercise and is the basis for an all-year guide to help you keep the weight off for good.

Health coach and nutritionist Charlotte Carroll devised her Eat Yourself Thin plan, now in book form, after clients thanked her for helping them slim, be more energetic, have greater concentration and look better than ever with glowing skin.

Charlotte, 29, writes: “The important thing is changing your lifestyle and maintaining results by long-term healthy eating and exercise. ­Consistency is key.

“You just have to realize your ‘diet’ starts long before you put the food in your mouth. You have to work out why you are eating too much and make the changes.”

Here’s Charlotte’s plan for YOU . . .

Stage 1: Why are you putting on weight?

Charlotte explains: “Personality plays a huge role in our attitude to food and there are five types. Can you relate to any of these below?

“Write down some of the habits around food that put you in this category. Then write down some things you could do to change them.”


Are you unable to control your thoughts and cravings? Do you tend to eat the wrong foods at the wrong time, with no thought or consideration of consequences.

Charlotte says: “You need to remove yourself from temptation and avoid excuses. Be organized and honest. Set achievable goals.

“Don’t plan meals with foods you dislike. Plan 'cheat' meals, social events and meals out in advance.

“Put all these on a calendar, notebook or download an app so you can plan your weight-loss meals around them and keep cravings under control. That way you won’t feel like you have failed."


Are you unaware of, or do you not pay attention to, what you eat? Do you snack while watching TV?

Charlotte says: “Keep food and exercise logs. If you are working out, this needs to be documented.

“You might not notice you are eating five biscuits a night in front of the TV but when you record it, you will realize this is not healthy.

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