Common dieting excuses you should stop making


our New Year resolution to battle the bulge started off with great success, but come March your motivation fades and along with this comes a barrage of reasons why now isn’t the time to shift the last 10 pounds.

The truth is, most excuses don’t really cut it, and shouldn’t have the power to stop you from reaching your goals.

Here are the top weight loss excuses I hear as an exercise scientist and how to crush them. For good.

'I just don’t have the time'

Guess what? We all have the same 24 hours, and a 30-minute workout is only 2 per cent of your day.

Likewise, with preparing healthy meals: if you have time to eat, you have time to prepare. It’s just a matter of having healthy food on hand.

If you think you don’t have time, I encourage you to take stock of what you are currently doing to see if this is really true. Do you spend a few hours in front of the TV or browsing your phone? Do you take the train or bus home when you could walk all or part of the way? What are you doing while your kids play sport?

All of these are opportunities for planning or preparing healthy meals, or moving more. Consistency is key for weight loss, so work out what you can commit to, and schedule it in.

'I’m too tired'

It’s hard to eat well and exercise consistently when you feel like a zombie. Countless studies indicate that lack of sleep can mess with hunger and hormones, making you reach for brownies instead of berries.

If you consistently wake up feeling groggy or toss and turn during the night, make good sleep hygiene a priority. Turn off your phone, computer, and the TV at least an hour before bed as the blue light emitted from these devices messes with melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall and stay asleep.
If this still doesn’t help, seek advice from your GP, as you may be suffering from more severe issues like sleep apnea.

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