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Man who sacrificed kidney donation for sick girl dies in ATV accident


A Turkish man who gave up his place in line for a kidney to save a dying girl has lost his life after crashing an ATV he received as a gift for his good deed.

Central European News (CEN) reported that Mesut Irvul, 31, of Agri, met the young girl, whose name wasn’t disclosed, during one of his hospital visits for dialysis. Irvul’s kidneys began failing when he was 19, and he’s been severely disabled and on dialysis ever since.

In 2015, he received news of a kidney donor match. But, after seeing how sick the little girl was, he sacrificed the organ to give to her instead, CEN reported. In a statement at the time, Irvul reportedly said he didn’t regret his decision and that he would do the same thing again if needed. To show his appreciation for the deed, a wealthy donor whom CEN didn’t name gave Irvul an ATV so he could travel more easily for dialysis treatment. It is unclear whether the man re-entered the kidney transplant waitlist or ever received new donor organs.

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On Wednesday, July 20, 2016, Irvul died in an accident while doing a reverse maneuver with his ATV. CEN reported that the vehicle rolled down an embankment and the man seriously injured his head. He died of a brain bleed.

“[Irvul] was one of the many disabled ones among us; however, he was special— he gave his turn for surgery to a little girl,” Oktay Topci, president of the Dogubayazit Disabled Persons Association, said in a statement, according to CEN. “Thus, he was awarded with an ATV. But who would have known that the ATV, which eased his life, would bring about his death too?”

“The bad news about his death deeply saddened all of us especially his family and the neighbors who knew him personally,” he added in the statement.