Assistant principal in Georgia delivers colleague's baby en route to work

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     (Fox 5 Atlanta)

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     (Fox 5 Atlanta)

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     (Fox 5 Atlanta)

An assistant principal at a Georgia high school brought new meaning to her role when she assisted her colleague in delivering her baby on the way to work.

Fox 5 Atlanta reported that Lydia Powell and her fellow assistant principal at Fayette County High School Brandi Johnson were traveling to work Wednesday when Johnson began having contractions.

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Powell pulled the car over and flagged down another car, which turned out to be a parent of one of their students, to get help.

“This guy says, ‘Hey, you work at Fayette County High. Aren’t you an assistant principal there? My daughter is in the car’.... at that point, I’m like, ‘Oh Lord, I got to cover her up!’” Powell recalled to Fox 5 Atlanta.

The two helped deliver Johnson’s newborn with help from her doctor on the phone.

While Johnson’s husband was en route to the hospital, baby Skye Blessing Johnson was born on Peters Road in Union City. The news station reported she is healthy.