Breast Feeding

Florida dad invents way to 'breastfeed' daughter while mom is at work



A Florida dad has taken the internet by storm after a posting a video of him "breastfeeding" his daughter while his fiancée is at work.

Chris Allen, whose daughter Destiny Renee was born in April, has racked up more than 351,000 views.

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"So, Mommy had to go back to work so Daddy is helping out," Allen said in the video, while Destiny is seen drinking a bottle through a hole in the chest of his shirt. "Eh, I guess it’s like breast feeding right? Gotta love it."

The video was shared in the Facebook group Breastfeeding Mamma Talk where members have started a campaign to try to get Allen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The group’s video post of Allen has more than 75,000 shares.