Presidential candidates hoping to run off a bit of steam have an extra incentive to lace up, courtesy of Reebok. The shoe and apparel company is offering to donate $50,000 to a health charity of choice if a candidate can run a mile faster than 10 minutes.

“What will the next crop of presidential hopefuls bring to the most powerful job in the free world? We’re hoping whatever it is it includes lots of sweat,” a release from Reebok said. 

According to Reebok’s Twitter feed, the company has not heard of any interest from the seven candidates still in the (presidential) race. Though, according to a previous Runner’s World article on the candidates’ running history, it’s not likely many of them are still up for the challenge.

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Marco Rubio is perhaps the most able runner in the current crop. As a former collegiate football player, he recently said during a radio interview that he is “the fastest person running for president.” In that same interview, he said he was once able to run 40 yards in 4.65 seconds, but it’s unclear if his sprint speed would translate into longer distance.

In his running heyday, Bernie Sanders could have easily met Reebok’s challenge. In high school, Sanders ran a 4:37 mile as a star on his cross-country team in Brooklyn, New York. But at 74, it’s unlikely he's retained his youthful pace.

If proxies are allowed, Ohio Governor John Kasich may have a chance. His wife, Karen, is a marathoner, and according to Athlinks, in 2014 she ran the Run Like a Girl half marathon in 1:55:43—faster than nine minutes per mile.

The rest of the candidates have kept their running abilities out of the public eye. 

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